Looking For Another Source Of Income?

Discover How You Can Finally Start A Real Business Online Without Selling Products, Recruiting Your Friends, Family And Co-Workers

And The Best Part Is, You Can Choose Anytime, Anywhere You Want To Do It!

Opps!!! I smell something fishy!!

Is it for real?

Naku Scam to!

Mukang Networking to!

Totoo ba yan?

Wala... Imposible yan!

Before you even conclude or judge what I am talking about, please spare at least 2-5mins reading below simple message to you and I will show you how I was able to make serious extra income doing my business online even if I have a busy work schedule.

If you are just like me who are also looking for ways how to earn extra income outside my day job BUT..

Don't have much time to do it
Don't like to Sell Products
Don't like Networking or recruiting your friends family and co-workers to join your business.
Don't want to be scam
Don't have much capital to start
Don't like get rich quick and to good to be true investment scheme!

Then you have to continue reading...

Dear Fellow Corporate Employee / Aspiring Business Owner!

For some of you who don't know me...

I am Mike Perlas, my student and friends call me "Mike-san".

My journey started when I am desperate to really find extra source of income after a life changing lessons and sufferings me and my family has encountered.

Year 2014 was a nightmare for me and my family.

I became "Jobless" for about 6 months

My family and I struggle financially, leaving almost no money for us to survive in our daily needs.

Back then, we are leaving on our own, but since we struggle hard financially, we decided to move back to my parents house since we are no longer capable of paying the monthly rent of our apartment.

I was a burden for my parents because it took me about 6 months to get another job. Back then, my 1st child is 3 years old and my youngest turning 1 year old.

Although they don't even understand yet our situation, but it breaks my heart everytime I will remember those days that I cannot provide the things that they really need at their very young age.

My wife was forced to study how to "sew" a school uniform just to at least earn a little extra to help my daughters need.

I saw and feel my wife struggle, I feel very frustrated, stressed because it is not the life that I want for her. In the early years of being together she already suffer and experience the test of life which we don't really expect to happen.

But I was very thankful for my parents, my sisters and especially to my wife who already have an option to leave me during those times. She never failed me, she was very supportive and always telling me to hang on. "malalampasan din natin to"!

I have no choice but to accept the reality and keep pushing hard to get a job as quick as possible.

For 6 months of being jobless, I have nothing else to do because I don't have any other skills,

I don't have any ideas about business.
I do not know where I should start.
I don't have much capital to start.

I am afraid to start because I fear failure

For 6 months of being jobless, tama nga 'yung mga nabasa ko... There is really NO JOB SECURITY...depending on one source of income is like a suicide especially if you don't have savings.

Reality leads me to really push acquiring and learning a new skillset that could later help me build another source of income.

I started searching information online, read books, read blogs, join forums.

Lahat na ata! I was so desperate because takot na akong maulit yung naranasan ng family ko before.

While working, I study a lot, been following those successful, read their stories and journey. Basically I was trying to acquire information as much as I could. I try many business opportunities such as Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging and also Lending.. but all are failed!

Pero I never stop! Patuloy akong naghanap and I just keep moving forward!

Until I discover an interesting topic about "Trading Online" from one of the forums I joined.

"The most straight forward method to start a side hustle online is gaining a new skills called:  "TRADING"

Trading in layman's term is just simple concept involving buying and selling of goods and services, with compensation paid by a buyer to a seller.

Are you familiar with Buy and Sell Business Concept? That's a form of trading.
Basically you will buy an item from a lower price and then sell it to your customer on higher price - The difference is your profit!

But contrary to what most people understand, Trading is not just limited to owning a physical goods and services that you can trade - this is the traditional way! and it is OFFLINE!

Back in 2015, I discover about Trading Currencies Online or popularly known as FOREX Trading


Forex or (Foreign Exchange), for us ordinary people it is easy to explain as the exchange of one currency to another. If you travel to a different country, the first thing you do when you arrive at the airport is to exchange the “physical” currency from your original country to your visited country. If you have a US dollar and you have visited Europe, then you have to exchange the $ to € (which is the currency of Europe).

And the most familiar with this is our kababayan's working abroad na nagpapadala ng pera sa mga kamag-anak sa Pilipinas. - That's the most common or traditional form of trading and it is OFFLINE!

Trading Foreign Currencies Can Also Be Done Online!

The Best Part, NO NEED To Own A Physical Cash!

FOREX TRADING is just simply trading a country's currency over other countries’ currency with an agreed rate.

Buying currency is like buying a share in a particular country’s economy.
The price of the currency or the exchange rate is a reflection of the market's opinion on the current and future health of one country's economy.


Forex Trading allows us to buy and sell different currencies across the globe without the need of physically owning it and can be transacted online through " online brokers".

And the best thing is that we can also take advantage the opportunities to make money trading it.

Basically applying the same concept of buying while the exchange rate is low and converting or selling it when the exchange rate rises. -  The difference is the potential profit!


Very Accessible

Very accessible since it does not have a physical establishment or a store, it is 100% online transaction. All I need are the following:

  1. 1
    Laptop/PC/Mobile Phone
  2. 2
    Internet Connection
  3. 3
    Trading Account
  4. 4
    Trading Platform
  5. 5
    Trading Skills/Trading System

Flexible (24hrs Market Operation)

Retail traders (us) can participate trading 24hrs and 5days/week. Means you can trade currencies overnight. This allow traders to choose and set their trading time base on their schedule especially those with an 8-5 day job.

No Cost To Start

Before you jump in to the live (real money) trading, you can start to trade with a “Demo Account” first. Basically a demo account is funded by a virtual amount that you can use to start trading without spending a little amount of your own money. This allows us to practice and learn first the in's and out's before totally engaging to it.

Trade Anywhere, Anytime

Forex market is accessible online, you can trade anywhere, you can check the price chart even if you are traveling outside the country. You can trade while you are enjoying your coffee on your favorite coffee shop, you can trade on the beach as long as there is an internet connection.

No Employee/No Rentals/No Inventories

As compared with the traditional business, forex trading does not require employees to run as a business, you don’t have to rent a place to run it and especially no inventories to monitor and maintain.

It Can Be Automated

On the trading platform, you can just place an order with your target exchange rate or price and will only execute if it reach it.
Same with placing a price target to take a profit, when that target price is hit, it will automatically close your trade.

No Need To Quit Your Job Yet

Forex is the largest financial market in the world, which means there will be a lot of opportunities every day, as long as there is a currency that is exchanges every day the market will be there. It offers flexibility on trading, you can trade before and after you work. Basically you can established it while you are busy working.

Doesn't Require A Big Capital 

You don’t need to have hundreds of thousands to start as compared to a traditional business. You can start trading with only about $200 - $1,000.

No Age Requirement

Everyone is welcome to trade the market. There is no age requirement because everybody will start from the beginning of learning how it works, how to trade.

No Bachelors Degree Needed

Trading is not only for those smart, educated and rich people. There is no educational attainment requirement. You just need to be at least knowledgeable in operating a computer/laptop. All will start on the same learning path which "the skills" in trading.

No Business Permit Required

Forex Trading is also a business, but unlike the traditional businesses that we are most familiar with, Trading Forex doesn't require a business permit to operate as a business. 

You create your own rules and business system

Aside from the standard rule, protocol of Forex Trading, there is no fix rules or system that will fit for all participants. Retail traders are free to create their own system how they will make money in trading.

Here are some of my withdrawal from the profit I made trading forex:

And here are some of my Trade Execution and Transaction from the Online Trading Platform:



 My result is not typical and there is NO ASSURANCE that my examples of past earnings can be duplicated in the future. There is NO Guarantee that you will also make money as I did or as other traders are doing.

As with any investment, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience.

 The information contained in this presentation and product is for education purposes only. This is designed to help you understand the specific information covered. It is not an attempt to render tax, legal, or business advice. How you use the information is entirely up to you. While every effort has been made to accurately represent the information along with my opinions and insights, any claims made or examples given, although believed to be accurate, should not be relied on in any way in making a decision whether or not to purchase.


 Trading Forex carries a high level of risk to your capital and you should only trade with money you can afford to lose. Trading Forex may not be suitable for all investors, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary.

Losses in Trading Forex can exceed deposit or investment. Traders are highly recommended to protect the capital at all cost. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as in your favor.

Forex trading is not suitable for all investors because it involves substantial risk of loss.

While Trading offers a lucrative and great opportunities for us to also make money in the Forex Market, if done right!

Here's Why You Should Not Try Forex

  • There is NO GUARANTEE that you will also make money
  • There is a HIGH RISK of Losing money especially if you don't know what you are doing.
  • Trading Forex is NOT a GET RICH QUICK scheme. It is a business opportunity not a business guarantee.
  • Don't try Forex if you are only after the money and don't understand how it works and the RISK involve.
  • It is NOT for those people who expects result without putting effort, who are not willing to learn

How My Life Has Changed...

Because of the "skills" I have in trading it totally changes my life especially now that I have started to create a future for my family - literally coming from "isang kahig, isang tuka"! 

Who would have taught (even myself) "hindi pa nakakamove on" that I was able to fund 50% of my "2nd hand car" purchase (Honda Jazz) - which totally a dream come true for me and my family.

This is something truly wonderful and amazing achievement I get, aside from the extra source of income that I was able to established outside my day job.

Truly Hardwork! Persistence! Perseverance! Pays off!

I Was Once A Beginner...

When I started in trading, I was an absolute beginner.

Just like most aspiring newbie, I also started with nothing (baon ko lang ay pag-asa). Basically "hindi ko rin alam" saan ako magsisimula.

I don't have idea where to get a reliable source of information to help me. Social Media and other online platforms seems to crowded, mis-leading and just showing unrealistic expectation sa kagaya ko na newbie - (not all) pero mahirap maghanap ng reliable source

I don't have money to pay for courses online.

I have no choice but to learn the hardway. I don't have a laptop or pc to use ( I used my company laptop). I also don't have internet connection (Nagtyaga ako sa mobile data). - Resourcefulness has been a key

"My Simple Trade Station At Home"

Failures, Lossses, Errors, Mistakes after mistakes ang nagturo saken.

Nagsunog ako ng capital (from 3 Live Trading Accounts) amounting more than $2,000 to sum it up because:

  1. 1
    Nagmadali ako, akala ko kapag kumita na ako sa "demo account" marereplicate ko na sya sa actual and live funds
  2. 2
    I thought that is just about buying low and selling it when the exchange rate rises.
  3. 3
    I became unrealistic with my expectation about the money I will earn.
  4. 4
    I don't know and understand how trading really works
  5. 5
    All I am thinking about is money and the profit
  6. 6
    I jumped early and start trading real money without the right strategy, knowledge and tamang sistema ng pagttrade.
  7. 7
    I was a result or money driven not process driven
  8. 8
    I don't have the necessary skills.

Trading is much like Driving...

After all those failures and mistakes, I soon realize that Trading is much like driving a car.

My Life is 100% at Risk if I attempt to drive without prior knowledge  and skills. The same holds true in trading, my money is 100% at RISK of LOSING if I don't have the right skills and system in place.

It is like I am just giving my money to the market and the other traders for FREE.

In learning how to drive, you need someone that can teach you the right way and hindi ''yung"bara bara lang.. someone who are really experienced. You can try to learn it on your own, but for sure there is a High chance you will get involve in an accident.

In trading, it is better to really find someone that can teach and show you the right step how to trade, someone who are already experiencing results. Someone who already know what to do and what not to do. Someone who already learned from failures and mistakes.

I may not be that someone...

But if you want to learn the exact step by step how I did it...

Let Me Introduce My Part-Time Trader's Playbook

If I could turn back time and start all over again.

This Playbook shows exactly the step by step beginners guide I wish I had knew when I was just starting.

Part-Time Trader's Playbook is design for beginners who are looking for a quick and exact step by step how to guide on learning the right skills in Trading Forex.

Basically, the summary of my learnings from the past mistakes, errors and losses I encountered when I was an absolute beginner.

Here's A Sneak Peak On What's Inside The Playbook

  1. 1
    You'll Discover The Truth About Forex Trading That No One Talks About And How Anyone Can Start So You Can Have The Proper Mindset To Avoid Losing Tons of Money When You Are Just Getting Started.
  2. 2
    You'll Learn A Proven Profitable Trading Concept That Even Beginners Can Easily Grasp And Understand.
  3. 3
    You'll Learn A Simple Trading Technique To Pinpoint An Obvious And No Brainer Potential Trade Opportunities
  4. 4
    You'll Find Out Exactly My Simple Step By Step Method On Finding Highly Profitable Opportunities So You Will No Longer Guess When It Is Time To Buy or Sell
  5. 5
    You Are About To Discover A Simple Structure On How I Enter A Trade Plus You'll Discover My Simple Technique and Method I Used to Trigger My Entries That Helps Me Generates Consistent Profit.
  6. 6
    You'll Learn How To Exit A Trade, How To Set Proper Stop Loss To Protect Your Capital And How To Set Take Profit To Maximize Your Gains. Plus I'll Give A Simple Tool On How I Easily Did It
  7. 7
    You'll Understand the Power Of Risk and Money Management And How Important It is in Order For Your Trading Business To Thrive.
  8. 8
    Learn and Follow the Exact Steps That You Need For You To Properly Implement What You Have Learn To Avoid Losing Too Much Money.

It Is Not Just A Playbook That You Can Read...

It Was Also Backed Up By A Learning Modules And Over The Shoulder Videos

I understand that it is easy to learn and understand with a visual illustration and actual examples

"Below is just a snapshot of some of the videos inside the playbook members area".

"More Inside"

Here's What Others Are Saying:

Chris Canilan - Factory Manager/Corporate Engineer

"Sir Mike,

Thanks to your Part Time Traders Playbook I was able to reduce the learning
curve to start forex trading efficiently.

Its true that we can search and learn about forex in the internet and there are many tutorials that can be found in youtube, Yes I have done it before, self study, trial and error, opened a demo account but within 2 weeks the fund was totally burned, so I can imagine the damage it would make if this was a real account and money.

So I studied your playbook, opened a new demo account and applied what I learned I was surprised, it's more than 3 weeks after and still the fund is still there and more importantly it grew by more that 20%, it means that your approach is really effective.

What I like about your concept is it emphasize first the importance of protecting your capital and risk management, then the approach it teaches is very easy to understand and can be applied immediately, also the concept of being a part time trader which really suits my schedule having a day job, I do not need to monitor the charts all the time but has a potential to have a good earnings. Lastly, its a big Plus having a mentor and also a Fb group which you can ask and share about your forex trading journey.

Again thank you, and looking forward to learn more from you.
Chris Canilan


Hi sir Mike!

My appreciation as always for your efforts. I started with this Part Time
Traders Playbook and you have written this as beginner-friendly as
possible. But the content is "easy to understand" and the best description
I have bought a similar book more than 5 years ago and it was not cheap but the content was just so basic that you will ask--what now? I did not
understand even what is a support and a resistance. But in your playbook,
you see to it that the concepts are clear and you laid down Fx trading
really step-by-step. Because your goal for us is to be profitable, you have
included also the proper mindset and money management which I think
accounts to 90% of how to win in Forex trading.

So what else to say?hahaha...My next step was to join your masterclass
because I saw that you know what you are talking about.

Thank you so much Sir Mike!



NiCOLE GONZALES - Corporate Employee

"Hindi ako nagkamali sa ebook na to, love it!..What I love about this ebook napakadali ko itong naintindihan. I been attending also yung mga high paid courses for trading pero hindi naman talga nila pinapakita yun tunay na strategies nila. When I read the free blueprint, nagustuhan ko talaga, free palang pero sobrang valuable na..dahil personally, need ko po talaga yun my mentor na pwedeng mag-guide saken throughout my journey dito sa trading. And I'm glad nakita ko yun Playbook mo at hindi ako naghesitate magpurchased kagad. - Maraming Salamat po Mike-san

Take The Part-Time Traders Playbook Wherever You Go!

Read/Watch It On Your Laptop/PC

Read/Watch It From Your Mobile Phone

Read/Watch It From Your IPAD

You can learn the Part-Time Trader's Playbook while you're on office/coffee break, while you are traveling or while resting after your work. It has an exclusive Members Area that you can access anywhere at anytime you want.

Here's What Else You Will Get



Excel Spread Sheet

I made this calculator for my personal used so I can always input a correct volume/lot size or position size of my trade.

Proper position sizing  is a must as a great way for Risk and Money management to help you protect not to lose too much.


TRADING JOURNAL (500 in value)

Excel Sheet

A ready made excel format I used to journal my trades

Journaling is one of the key process that you need to focus on if you really want to succeed in this business.

Journaling your trades helps you understand your current progress and pinpoint those weakness of your system.


TRADING TEMPLATE (500 in value)

Chart Template Format

A ready made format charting template.

I understand that it will be a hassle for a beginner to setup a simple and not so complicated chart.

This is a plug and play template, load it up and you are good to go.

You'll Get The Playbook (1,499 in value)

+ Exclusive Lifetime Access On The Video Lessons (3,499 in value)

+ The 3 Bonuses (1,500 in value)

"Total Value of 6,498 pesos"

(But You Don't Need To Pay All Of That)

Wait!!! Here's More You Can Get Today!!


Exclusive Lifetime Access To My Previous Trade Result and Trade Ideas That You Can Learn From (3,499 in value)

I know that it is not only enough that you read the lessons and watch the examples but the importance on how to apply it and how I personally do it.

You'll get an exclusive lifetime access on all my previous recording of trade ideas, how I analyze my trade, how I plan my trade, how I execute it.


2X Live Follow Up Coaching, QA and Review + Recordings (3,499 in value)

You'll get a chance to join for an exclusive follow up coaching session "twice".

Basically, a QA, Review and you can ask me anything, we can do some "kamustahan" session.

If you can't attend, I will record it and upload inside the members area so you can review it from time to time.


One Time 50% Discount For The 1st 30 To Get The Playbook Today!

Use Coupon Code: FASTACTION

Just enter it when you fill out the check out form.

...so how much does it cost now???

You'll Get The Playbook (1,499 in value)

+ Exclusive Lifetime Access On The Video Lessons (3,499 in value)

+ The 3 Exclusive Bonuses (1,500 in value)

+ Fast Action Bonus #1 (3,499 in value)

+ Fast Action Bonus #2 (3,499 in value)

"Total Value of 13,496"

(But You Don't Need To Pay All Of That)

GET ALL OF THIS FOR 13,4966,748






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Join and Be Part Of Satisfied Playbook Buyer

"But Mike, I'm New To This FOREX Trading Business."

Don’t worry, the Part-Time Trader's Playbook is designed especially for beginners like you.
I have laid out what steps you need to take on the Playbook so beginners like you will be able to follow. I’ve also included lots of pictures. I want this Playbook to be beginner-friendly as much as possible.

Besides, most of the people who have started earning money trading FOREX were beginners like you. They NEVER made any money online prior to this Playbook.

I made this Playbook the way I would do it if I was a beginner trying to start an online business with zero experience.

Proof of Payments

Frequently Asked Questions

After I make my payment, when and how do I get the product?

I am an absolute beginner, Do you think I can understand it easily?

Can I access it even on My Mobile phone?

How To Purchase The Product?

What if I have question, Can I still reach you?

Who Can Benefit In This Product?

There Is No Such Thing As Perfect Timing Before You Even Start!

Just Do It Now!

This Playbook reminds me of all the hardwork, struggle I made when I was an absolute beginner. It is what I wish I have back then. If you want to learn how I did it and make serious income trading part-time.It may not be the best or perfect one - but it is absolutely a great way to start!.

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