I will personally teach you step by step...

"How To Master The Skills In Trading Even If You Are An Absolute Beginner And Start Making A Full-Time Side Income Trading At The Forex Market Part-Time"

Tired of Having This Annoying Fear, Doubt, Frustration and Problem?

  • Fear of Losing Big Money because of the HIGH Risk
  • Have doubt if talaga bang pwedeng kumita or wondering kung may kumikita ba talaga dito?
  • Want To Start Trading, but don't know where to start, where to find reliable source of information to learn from
  • Worried About The Complex Things and Complicated Chart Kung Kaya Ba Matutunan Ng Isang Baguhan
  • Worried about the time needed to monitor the market or the price since busy sa trabaho
  • Fear of being scam by those fake brokers/fake agents
  • Worried about the need of big capital
  • Already started trading live but struggling to make money and always loosing.

Hi, Mike san here, like you I was also an absolute beginner trying to figure out things that leads me to fear, doubt and frustration same as I mention above. But over the years, I conquer them all and let me help you ease those worries, fear and doubt by sharing my journey on how I develop what I called "A High Income Skills" in - TRADING

A High Income Skills That Allows Me To Earn Serious Money And Generate Over $1,000 ~ $2,000+ per month while Having My 8-5 Day Job


As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. The testimonials if any and examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.
There is no assurance that examples of past earnings can be duplicated in the future. We cannot guarantee your future results and/or success. There are some unknown risks in business and on the Internet that we cannot foresee which can reduce results. We are not responsible for your actions

Below are few of my live trades that I was able to capture, mostly after work na.

A High Income Skills That Are Now Starting To Make An Impact On Other Peoples Live

If you also have that high income skill, what would you feel if you finally achieved your "first sweetest" withdrawal?

Good morning coach!
Sorry po medyo maaga pa ang pag message ko sa inyo,excited lang po ako na eh share sayo, i just started live trading last night from 8pm to 11pm,with a capital of
400 usd, and take note sir! i gained more then 50% and syempre sa sobrang excited
winidraw ko po yung 232usd na profit ko pra ma exparience ko na din yung pinaka aasam asam na 1st "*sweet widrawal!"* Gusto ko lang po ulit magpasalamat sayo sir sa lifetime opportunity na itinuro nyo sa'min, sana po mag tuloy tuloy na ito.
thanks po ulit and GOD BLESS!

Michael Obal ‧ OFW in DUBAI

Good morning po. We started with 600 dollars po and it earned 315 na.

Beng Quibal ‧ Plain Housewive

Good Evening Mike san. Just want to share my result on my 2nd day of live trading. Your concept are not effective. They are very efficient

Nathaniel Alisasis ‧ Corporate Employee

A High Income Skills That You Can Learn, Develop, Master And Emulate What I Have Done In The Comfort Of Your Home While Still Busy On Your Day Job

There has never been a perfect time to develop a new skills that your future self will later thank you for.

A High Income Skills That Changes My Life Forever

Dear Aspiring Professional Part-Time Profitable Forex Trader

I’m really excited, because I want to give you access to the Skills that helped me generate consistent full time extra income on the side while I was busy being an employee..

Gusto ko ibigay sa'yo dahil gusto kong "matutunan" mo rin ito..

But before we jump to it, let me take you back to how I started and the source of my inspiration...that changed my life forever.

I know some of you are already familiar as how I began my journey in the Forex Trading World.

Maybe some of you have read the free guide/free workshop I share that's why you also got here..
But for those who don't know me yet.

I am Mike Perlas, my PTFTMC family call me Mike-san, currently I am a corporate engineer on a private manufacturing company and been working for about 10 years now. I am a husband and a father of two girls..

Kagaya ng karamihan sa atin, I was born and came from a poor family... who really strive hard to earn a living.

My journey started when I am desperate to really find extra source of income after a life changing lessons and sufferings me and my family has experienced.  I became "Jobless" for about 6 months back in 2014. My family and I struggle financially, leaving almost no money for us to survive in our daily needs.

This was like a nightmare.

Like most people, when I finally land a job, wala akong ibang nasa isip kung hindi pano ako kikita. "Paano ako kikita ng higit sa pangangailangan ko. Because growing up, we are always in financial trouble and I want to earn those things na pinagkait samen ng kahirapan - I was trilled that finally I am professional earning money.

Ang alam ko lang is that, if I work hard and nakahanap ng magandang trabaho, makaka-ahon na kami sa kahirapan.

Pero hindi pala ganon', nasabi lang na kumikita ka. Reality vs. expectation will never be the same.

I was also a struggling employee stuck from pay check to pay check cycle. Nagtatrabaho lang pambayad sa ganito sa ganyan, and whatever is left will be our saving but as usual madalas walang natitira.

Like most people, naging dependent ako sa aking trabaho as the only source of my income, which is, I get slapped in my face with a dose of reality when I became jobless back in 2014. There is really no job security and depending on a single source of income is like a suicide especially if wala kang savings- You are really in trouble.

Like most employee I was blinded by the opportunities outside the corporate world. Kung my term na para dito, it was like "mangmang" sa kaalaman about other opportunities that could help me not to only earn a living but to start building a financial confidence. Financial confidence na tipong at anytime na mawalan ako ng trabaho, I will never have to worry kung paano kami makakasurvive.

The old blueprint of success of going to school, finishing a degree, getting a good job, earning salary, save money and retiring at 60 doesn't work anymore.

Thanks to Mr. Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad Poor Dad who leads me from transitioning to poor employee mindset to rich mindset. It opens me up on the opportunities outside the cubicle world. I learned through him about the importance of having other sources of income and how not to be financially broke again.

I realized that the new blueprint of success lies on increasing knowledge, acquiring new skills, because I now believe:

Increasing Knowledge equals More Income

As they say, your income zone is your comfort zone, I realized that in order for me to increase my income or to create another source. It will start first on increasing my knowledge, acquire and develop new set of skills.

Fast forward to today, thanks to the knowledge and skills I have develop through "Trading" in the currency market, I was able to start building my families financial future.

Throughout my journey in "trading", I realize the  the new blueprint of success should have the following key pillars: Winning Mindset, Winning Money Management and Winning Method.




It is not only applicable in Trading but in life, success as a whole

  • Winning Mindset
    Your attitude towards achieving what you want. It is not only enough that you are interested but how committed are you.
  • Winning Money Management
    It is not only about how much you earn but how much you keep, what you do and how to grow it.
  • Winning Method
    This are those proven system and strategies that make money

...it all started with my decision to "CHANGE" and take the "RISK".

No Risk No Gain ika nga!

If hindi ako ng take ng risk na aralin at magcommit ng time to really develop my skills in trading and establish it as a real business...

I would never ever get my 2nd hand car and provide convenience to my family.

Hindi ko sana matutupad ang wish ng wife ko na makapagtravel to celebrate our wedding anniversary...

Hanggang ngayon sana, I am still financially broke or kung hindi man, sapat lang talaga ang kinikita to survive.

I admit, growing up, I have a fixed mindset, takot sumubok because I was afraid of failure. I don't want too much responsibility, konting obstacles lang or setbacks na maranasan, I gave up easily.

I don't like doing things I don't know (parang I was too limited on the things that I can or I cannot). I am too conscious about what other people will say about me. I don't want to hear and accept negative feedbacks.

Basically I am a person who as much as possible avoid challenges and are afraid of taking risk because I was afraid of failure.

But lahat yan nagbago when I decide to change...that if I don't, my life will never ever change.

Ika nga ni Jim Rohn: "Your Life Does Not Get Better By Chance, It Gets Better By Change"

Increasing Knowledge equals Reducing Risk

"Eh Mike!, Hindi ba sobrang "risky" ng Forex Trading?

"It is definitely RISKY to take risk, especially if you don't understand what you are doing..

"It is definitely risky to take risk, especially if you don't have the right/proper knowledge sa business na papasukin mo..

But it is EVEN RISKIER, not to take RISK at all...
Ika nga nila, "No Risk - No Gain".

Parte na ng buhay natin ang "Risk"..

Example, would you attempt to drive a car ng wala ka man lang proper training and education or skills about driving?

Hindi diba? Because you understand it is risky, your life will be at risk dahil mataas ýung chance na mainvolve ka sa isang aksidente.

So, what would you do to reduce that risk?

Simple lang, pag-aaralan mo muna, through practice and experience, matutunan mo na ang skills ng driving .

Ganyan lang din ang ginawa ko sa Trading.

I understand the risk of losing my money is HIGH...

I also doubted if talaga bang pwedeng kumita or kung may kumikita ba talaga dito?

I was afraid that I could lose big and worried baka ma-scam lang ako.

I doubted myself kung maintindihan ko ba sya because feeling ko parang sobrang complicated nung mga nakikita ko sa chart.

And isa lang talaga ang naging "solusyon" ko dyan!

I started to increase my knowledge, pinag-aralan ko sya, I devote time for studying and practice and maraming practice.

I accept and allow myself to be a beginner and a continuous student of the currency market.

If I could turn back time and start all over again, below are the following steps I'd like to share that I wish I had new before:




Don't always seek approval from anyone specially your family, relatives concerning your goal to succeed. Not everyone wants to see you succeed, just because they are not successful. Trust me, saka ka lang magkakaron ng value sa kanila if they already see some results. And you don't need to prove to anyone.




Never ever skip on learning the basic because the depth with which you master it influences how well you understand everything you will learn after that.

Don't jumped to the next step until you have learn the basic which will be your foundation.




There are a lot of proven methodology or model used to identify market opportunities to make profit. We don't need to know them all. Pick one proven concept that really make sense on understanding the underlying market condition, its structure and framework. Keep It Simple!

Get used of it, master it and match your style with your personality. Are you a scalper? short term trader? swing trader?




You have to learn, accept and understand the underlying risk involve in trading. Never ever underestimate it. Risk management is one of the vital aspect of trading that you need to focus on first before risking your hard earned money. You have to appreciate percentage over dollar gain or loss. Learn to limit your trade frequency.




Knowledge will have no value until you put into practice. Practice creates confidence.

Practice make sense. Trading is a zero sum game, the gain you have is a loss from other. The more you make error and mistakes on practice, the less you will in actual trading. Sabi nga, The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in the battle.




The money is just a result of what process you have followed.
Remember that everything that you have right now or everything that you see whether in nature, a living things or just a simple object, there’s a process behind that before it was form or created.  Trading is not just an ordinary thing that you can learn overnight, it take some process and practice to be good at it

...is there any SHORTCUT Mike, para matutunan ko lahat yan!!??

Unfortunately! Sorry to say!

There is NO SHORTCUT! I am not trying to kill you dream because it is the reality. I don't get the result overnight. It is not based on luck and finding shortcut. There is a corresponding process that you need to take.

But the GOOD NEWS is there is a WAY TO SPEED UP the process.

If you would like me to guide you or hand you the step by step and help you speed up the process on mastering the skills in trading...

I am personally inviting you to JOIN the


An 8 Week Workshop + Live Online Coaching Specifically Design For Beginners

The Ultimate Newbie Friendly Online Course To Making Full Time Side Income Trading Part-Time At The Forex Market

And Start Making Serious Money Within 6 Months To Less Than 1 Year!

(8 Week Masterclass / Workshop)

Here's exactly what you get as a PTFTMC member…

The foundation of the program are multimedia workshops, where I personally guide you through each of the key steps you need to take in order for you to fully understand and learn the skills in trading the right way.

There are eight (8) workshops in all, each broken up into concise modules that you can study at your own pace. I recommend you complete one workshop per week, which is just one module a day (a very realistic goal!).

Each week workshop will be "unlock" on a weekly basis, para hindi ma-overwhelm at iwas information overload. It means, after mo mag-enrol, Week 1 Workshop and other basic learning modules is already available and can be access sa members area. Week 2 is saka pa lang ma-uunlock after 1 Week. Basically 1 Week interval.

All the workshops are video presentations you can watch online inside the PTFTMC private members area, and can easily be access on any devices such as your smartphone, tablet or laptop/pc

The content is focused on how to fully understand the concept, with step-by-step instructions and actions for you to take at the end of each workshop, so you not only learn, you take action and get familiarize easily.

Here's an outline of what you'll find in each workshop:

Discover the truth about forex trading that no one talks about and how anyone can start trading

Discover The Truth About Forex Trading That No One Talks About And How Anyone Can Start Trading Even if You've Failed In It Before Or You Are An Absolute Beginner

So You Can Have The Proper Mindset Going Into The Forex And Avoid Losing Tons of Money When You Are Just Getting Started

Discover the newbie friendly concept and the easiest way to master and understand the market price movement

Discover The Newbie Friendly Concept And The Easiest Way To Master and Understand The Market Price Movement

So You Can Have the Right Knowledge On What Specific Tools To Be Used On Analyzing The Market Price Chart

Discover the 3 secret formula In identifying highly profitable trade opportunities that gives an unfair advantage

Discover The 3 Secret Formula In Identifying Highly Profitable Trade Opportunities And Securely Increase The Odds Of Your Trades Getting In Your Favor Which Give You An Unfair Advantage Over Other Traders

So You Can Identify And Spot The Best Opportunities To Trade So You Will Never Guess When You Should Buy Or Sell

Discover the hidden money management strategies that uses unconventional concept to maximize profits and minimize losses

Discover The Hidden Money Management Strategies That Uses The Unconventional Concept Of Entering and Exiting A Trade That Is Totally Opposite Of What The 95% Struggling Traders Are Doing

So You Can Maximize Profit and Minimize Losses

Discover the undeniable truth why most beginning traders failed and learn to avoid those psychological roadblocks

Discover The Undeniable Truth Why Most Of Beginning Traders Failed And Learn To Avoid Those Psychological Roadblocks That Hinders The Success Of A Trader

So You Can Identify Those Weak Points And Execute Trades with Less Emotions Involve


Discover The Never-Before-Seen Trading System No One Talks About Which Gives A Superior, Competitive Trading Advantage That Beats The Market

So You Can Have A Superior Trading Edge That Lets You Trade Efficiently, Profitably In A Consistent Basis

Discover Revolutionary method on managing a trade and have a fail proof system handling them for consistent result

Discover Revolutionary Method On Managing A Trade Before, During and After The Trade Execution

So You Can Have A Fail-Proof System On Handling Your Trades, Anticipating The Market In Advance That Will Give You A Consistent Result


Discover The Unconventional Approach On Building A Trading Confidence Through Creating A Positive Trading Habits And Learn How You Can Establish Your Own Trading Process

6 Weeks of Exclusive Live Online Coaching Sessions + Recordings

(via Zoom)

Aside from the workshop and modules, I partnered it also with Live Coaching Sessions, basically a Follow Up Coaching, Q and A and Review. Instead of the previous masterclass arrangement of having a Weekly Live Session and discussion of each of the workshop topic and lessons,

I change it this way, para you can study first the workshop and practice it in actual, then the questions and clarification will be further discuss during a Live Coaching Sessions.

Live Online Coaching Session will also be held via zoom and will be recorded. It will have a predetermined schedule that will be posted inside the members area and will also be shared via email. Schedule and Timing will be over the weekend to consider the work schedule of some members who are currently employed.

Live Coaching Schedule and Meeting Link will be announce and send via email.

You can ask me anything, basically, I will not just left you behind, Live coaching session is design to further help you and to make sure that you really understand the full concept.

If you cannot attend during the Live Coaching Session, recorded will be uploaded inside the members area

1st Live Coaching -  December 19, 2020 8pm

2nd Live Coaching -  January 9, 2020 8pm

3rd Live Coaching -  January 16, 2020 8pm

4th Live Coaching -  January 23, 2020 8pm

5th Live Coaching -  January 30, 2020 8pm

6th Live Coaching -  February 6, 2020 8pm

Here's What My Students Are Saying About PTFTMC

“Napaganda po ng advocacy nyo na tulungan ang mga beginner na tulad ko at sana po ay hindi kayo magbago.”

"Hi Mike san,
No doubt that i enroll on your batch 3 group session after week 4 ang dami ng napadagdag na idea and informations sa akin about trading, tulad din po noong una palang i mention na nakapag enroll at natapus ko ang ang class ko doon sa other provider ng forex trading lesson but napaka limited ng tinuro at nalaman ko kaya hindi ako confident na mag live at kulang na kulang ang aking kaalaman na na gain sa kanila hindi sa sinisiraan ko sila pero sa amount i pay ay very little lang ang nakuha ko. May pagkakataon ako na balikan ang video recording, basahin ang books at may mga dagdag kang bonus video na may dagdag na powerfull idea. naniniwala ako na meron pa akong dapat malaman sa forex trading at doon sa natitirang week session natin ay madami kapang mai share sa aming knowledge. napaganda po ng advocacy nyo na tulungan ang mga beginner na tulad ko at sana po ay hindi kayo magbago.

Thank sir and i hope i can be a help on future na makapag share din sa iba ng aking malalaman about trading.

Mally Mabaga
- Corporate Employee

“I am much lucky to be part of his class because I always knew..with mike san , I'm on the right hand!!!"

The week 3 was like a lense that magnify the impact of our learnings 10x over compares to what we've experienced during week 1 and 2 wherein for me were both an eye opener for future traders like us.With simple words mike San had used to delivered all the things we must contain to be at least knowledgeable if not yet be an expert, we, specially myself had clearly understand the importance of "patience to wait' for the right signal to enter, to observe seriously what primarily dominating the trend and the importance of knowing to exit, which is for me after the week 3 is far more important than anything else. Mike San didn't just feed us with knowledge and played with us in the arena of learning's but hold us up for to stay in the game no matter how neophyte are we in this volatile market!!!! I am much lucky to be part of his class because I always knew..with mike san , I'm on the right hand!!!

Brial Bernal
- Business Owner

“Mas nalinawan yung nalalaman ko sa pagttrade"

“This week 3 session mas nalinawan yung nalalaman ko sa pag trtrade its so simple yung explanation nyo po and madaling sundan. Mas naging deeper yung understanding ko lalo sa mga significant turning points, pag nirespect pala nya yung price at a certain level pwede pa din pala itong maging reference in the future when it reaches that certain price level so it serve as a guide pag nagplace ng sell/buy order. Pwede pala yun kahit
way back 2 years pede mo parin maging reference yung mg previous
significant turning points na yun, galing!!! Kasi nung una halos nka tuon lang ako sa candle formation and pattern when placing a trade.hehe Tsaka dun sa pag identify when a trend is weakening and possible change in trend mas naging malinaw din sakin yun, even in sideways/ranging pwede pala tingnan sa higher time frame ang overall trend nya so you can find opportunity either to buy kung uptrend or sell kung downtrend. Salamat sir and we’re hoping to have more deeper understanding in trading sir in the next weekly sessions. Godbless!!! J

John Rey Pasquil
- Corporate Employee

Here's What Else You'll Get

"Trading Tools"

(Downloadable via the Members Area)

I understand that as a beginner, you have no clue on what specific tools you need and where to get them.

No worries, I'll provide you the  necessary trading tools that could help your learning and trading journey a lot easier.

This are my personal tools that you can used and tweak..
It will be your starting point...once you learn.. you'll be able to create, tweak or find your own!

This includes the following:

Trading Session Indicator

- A downloadable indicator that lets you view what are the current market session you are trading..
- I'll discuss a simple concept how each trading session behaves and how to take advantage and trade each session.

Key Performance Indicator Template

-The Not-So-Complicated and Progressive Trading Journal Template
- So You Can Easily Record, Back Track, Monitor and Learn From Your Trading History and Progress
I have created a semi-auto journal that will help you track your trading progress.

Plug and Play Excel Spreadsheet Position Size Calculator

- A simple excel spreadsheet calculator to compute the proper position size or how much you are going to buy and sell so you can avoid making mistakes on risking too much of your capital.

Position sizing is one of the key vital aspect of trading na hindi dapat ipag-walang bahala. Risk Management

Drawing Tool

- I will share my drawing tool I personally used when I am analysing my chart, saving a screenshot of my trade plans, my live trades.

Basically it is a application that you can install on your laptop/pc.

"1 Year Full Access To The Weekly Intensive Trade Setup and Analysis"

(Charting Session + Recordings)

For you to appreciate all the lesson and to shortcut your chart learning experience, we will do a charting session on a weekly basis. We will analyze the market together so we could anticipate and be prepare on the next trading week.

I'm going to be there with you even after the 8-Week  Masterclass.

"Get Access To The Exclusive Private Community Channel via Discord"

(Free Messenger Like App/Software)

Discord (free app) is the easiest way to communicate over voice, video, and text outside FB Messenger. Chat, hang out, and stay close with the PTFTMC community.

This is the new addition for the continuous learning environment and community that I am building with the PTFTMC Graduates.

This is were all the PTFTMC Graduates hangs out, like a tambayan while continuously learning from each other.

The problem with my existing private messenger group chat is that it will be difficult for the new comers to back track previous lessons, those valuable and gold nuggets conversation.

With the discord, I can organize each categories like the "open journal", trade ideas, trading mindset etc.

During my learning journey, I was a solo and independent trader and I understand the struggle of being alone. And along the way, I have realize that it is really important to stay away from the toxic social media platforms and forums.

Those trading groups and forums for me are dangerous place because you can get easily influenced by other opinion since all of the members are trading different strategies.

The best thing is to find a community where everyone is trading the exact system or same method and this is the purpose of my discord community channel.

"I still keep the Private Facebook Group Chat"

Every batch will have a separate FB Group Chat and then after the 8 Week Session you are entitled to the Exclusive Private Mastermind group. Have your own like-minded support group and family that will guide and encourage you, you can ask questions and get answer almost in an instant. These are all positive people.

...sounds interesting Mike... pero I am an absolute beginner and I doubt if kaya ko bang matutunan lahat yan!!!

"My Best Principle For Fast Success In Trading"

If you were to climb the tallest (and one of the deadliest) mountains in the world, Mt. Everest,
Would you try going up the mountain all on your own??
Would you seek help to an experience mountaineer that will guide you leading you up to the mountain?

You'd probably get a guide, right? Climbing Mt. Everest without a guide is like a suicide... Agree with me?
I know you might wondering...
Why the heck I will climb that deadliest mountain?

Here's only my point...
It's just similar if you want to start building a full time side income trading at the Forex Market even if you do it part-time. It might not be the deadliest thing to CLIMB but without a guide, it's just like a suicide burning your money...
It is very very difficult to get to the top..

The fact is, almost all successful and Professional Forex trader have guides that lead them up to where they are right now..
They hire mentors, they enroll on courses, they buy digital programs whether an audiobooks, training videos or eBooks..
Don't be like me...
I failed to recognize this before, I thought I can learn it on my own trying to connect all the dots..
I thought I don't need a guide..
I failed most of the time...I ignore those opportunities knocking on me getting a guide..
Which does not really help me, I burn 3 live accounts and lost a lot of my savings before I even realized that thing,..

I've realized that the best principle for fast success is to MODEL other successful trader..
Literally COPYING their system and trading process which would also fit my trading personality...
Thanks to the online platforms we have today, you don't have to network or travel or even spend tens of thousands of dollars for a high-end event in the hopes of finding an experienced guide..
Instead, you can start getting valuable information through a digital course or program, either in a form of books, audio books that you can get online...
So, if you want an experienced guide to help you really make money in FOREX trading in a consistent basis..

Here's your CHANCE to copy or model mine just like below who are also an absolute beginners before they met me and my masterclass:

And to help you even further, ease your doubts and worries here's more of what you can get!!!

"Part-Time Trader's Playbook"

(BONUS #1)

You'll get a Lifetime Full Access To The Part-Time Traders Playbook + Quick Start Videos For FREE!

This is playbook is a great starting point for beginners, it comes with a downloadable pdf file that you can get and read anytime, anywhere you want.

"Kamustahan Session with the PTFTMC Graduates - Recordings + Downloadable Audio Files"

(BONUS #2)

While it is really wise to learn from our own experience, it is wiser to learn from the experience of others..

- This is the purpose why I established a Kamustahan or Kwentuhan Session with the PTFTMC Graduates to take advantage hearing their experiences.

As part of an exclusive bonus, you will get an exclusive access on the recordings and learn from the past experiences of the PTFTMC Graduates.

You can also download the audio file so you can listen to it anytime at your own pace.

You are also entitled to join to the succeeding kamustahan and kwentuhan session.

"Previous Follow Up Coaching and Charting Session Of PTFTMC Students - Recordings + Downloadable Audio Files"

(BONUS #3)

Aside from the actual charting session, I still provide additional and continuous learning to the community, one of which is some follow up and QA also from other members.

I keep a bunch of recordings that I believe could also help new comers, the questions of previous students, might be your questions too.

...sounds great Mike!!! but how much does it cost to enroll on your Masterclass?

Here's the summary of what you'll get:

8 Week Workshop + 6 Weeks Live Online Coaching and Recordings (49,999 in value)

+ Downloadable Trading Tools (9,997 in value)

+ 1 Year Full Access To The Weekly Intensive Trade Setup and Analysis and Recordings (₱11,997 in value)

+ Exclusive Access To The Private Community Channel via Discord (₱9,997 in value)

+ Bonus #1: Part-Time Trader's Playbook (3,499 in value)

+ Bonus #2: Kamustahan Session Of PTFTMC Graduates Recordings + Downloadable Audio Files (₱9,997 in value)

+ Bonus #3: Previous Follow Up Coaching and Charting Session Of PTFTMC Students - Recordings + Downloadable Audio Files (₱9,997 in value)

"Total Value of 105,483"

(But You Don't Need To Pay All Of That)







You missed out!

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For Offline Payments, just follow the instructions after you have filled out the checkout form.
We Accept Online Bank Transfer, G-Cash, Bank Deposit etc.

For Online Bank Transfer or Bank Deposit

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"Exclusive Fast Action Bonus For The First 15 Students Below"

"minsan nga nagtatanong ako kung enough na po ba bayad ko sa inyo, eh sa recordings pa lang at sa mga coachings mo po eh parang lugi po kayo".

Malaki na po talaga progress ko sir mike, minsan nga nagtatanong ako kung enough na po ba bayad ko sa inyo, eh sa recordings pa lang at sa mga coachings mo po eh parang lugi po kayo kasi napaka valuable po ng mga teachings nyo, at may kasama pang napaka gandang indicator, kumbaga na short cut po talaga ang learnings namin dahil sa mga turo mo sir, gradually naiintindihan ko na paano tumingin ng charts, paano humanap ng profitable trade, saan mag entry, tamang money management , paano gumawa ng system , paano mag manage ng trade, paano ang tamang mindset , paano tumingin ng price action, at marami pa. kaya masasabi ko na successful po itong batch 1 mo sir, at napaka swerte talaga namin, dahil sa konting halaga eh kaya na namin mag trade practice n lang ang kulang, salamat talga sir mike. GOd bless sa family mo sir.

Darwin Cania
- Corporate Employee

"Your program is really something and could lead to a life changing experience.".

You always surpass our expectations each week.
Our week 3 and week 4 session are full of surprises and AHA moments,every time we finish and apply the learning's for the week, we are more confident and feel a step closer for being successful in our Forex trading journey.
When you said you will guide and take us by the hand you really mean it.
We can really see and feel your dedication as a mentor and making sure we can absorb and understand each topic.
Most of all, aside from our normal webinar lessons, you extended effort for additional sessions to focus on charting, actual implementation making sure the system you are teaching will surely
sink in to us .
This is a plus factor for us to shorten our learning curve even more .
Your program is really something and could lead to a life changing experience.
Our Batch is learning fast and having fun, we are excited for the next session and the path ahead!
Thank you very much,
Chris Canilan

Chris Canilan
- Corporate Boss/OFW

While Trading offers a lucrative and great opportunities for us to also make money in the Forex Market, if done right!

Here's Why You Should Not Try Forex

  • There is NO GUARANTEE that you will also make money
  • There is a HIGH RISK of Losing money especially if you don't know what you are doing.
  • Trading Forex is NOT a GET RICH QUICK scheme. It is a business opportunity not a business guarantee.
  • Don't try Forex if you are only after the money and don't understand how it works and the RISK involve.
  • It is NOT for those people who expects result without putting effort, who are not willing to learn


Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts. Any opinions, news, research, analysis, prices, or other information contained on this website is provided as general market commentary, and does not constitute investment advice. MikePerlas.com will not accept liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information. The content on this website is subject to change at any time without notice, and is provided for the sole purpose of assisting traders to make independent investment decisions. MikePerlas.com has taken reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of the information on the website, however, does not guarantee its accuracy, and will not accept liability for any loss or damage which may arise directly or indirectly from the content or your inability to access the website, for any delay in or failure of the transmission or the receipt of any instruction or notifications sent through this website.

My Promise To New Aspiring Traders

...while I cannot guarantee that you will also make money...

  • You Will Come Out With More Knowledge Ever ( Learn Things That You Will Not Learn From Other Similar High Price Courses)
  • You Will Gain Skills That You Can Use Again and Again ( A Skill That No One Can Get It  Away From You And No One Can Replace It)
  • You Will All Have The Right Tools You Need To Start (Saves You Time Doing Trial And Error, Saves You From The Shiny Object Syndrome)

"39% Profit agad in his First "Live"Trade Experience"

I understand that not everyone will get at this point

Here's Another Bonus Exclusively For The First 15 Students Who Will Enroll Today!!

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PAPI-X Trading System

A Simple Yet Proven Profitable Day Trading System That Outsmart The Market

A Trading System With An Easy And Not So Complicated Entry, Exit, Risk and Money Management Rules To Follow.

A Rule Based Trading System That Helps Me Avoid The Negative Impact Of Fear, Doubt and Hesitation When Entering and Exiting My Trades.

It Allows Me To Trade Without Guessing When Should I Place My Buy And Sell Order or When Is The Perfect Entry And Exit Timings - I Just Need To Follow A Set Of Rules Strictly.

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you think that my program is not worth your time and money, at the end of Week 2 or 14days after you have enrolled, I am giving you a chance to do a refund. No Offense from me. It will also be favorable to me since I can focus only on those committed people and like minded one.

***Note: REFUND is only valid for ONLINE PAYMENTS such as Paypal, G-Cash and Online Bank Transfer.

Additionally, There will be NO-REFUND for the Part-Time Traders Playbook since you already consume and downloaded it. Deduction will be applied.

Still Not Satisfied Yet?

Meet, Ma'am Cynthia Fuller, A Stock Market Coach and She Shares About A Simple Feedback About My Forex Coaching Program

I can't wait to start guiding you!

If you have reached this point and you are still not sure if PTFTMC is right for you, then I recommend you go back up this page and read or watch some of the testimonial from my students.

You've no doubt seen other coaching programs where a mentor uses his or her own story as the only proof of results.
While it's great to learn from someone who has walked the path themselves, wouldn't you rather have a coach who is not only a success himself, but has helped other people? – Normal people who started off in exactly the same place you are right now.

I let my graduates do the talking and demonstrate that PTFTMC is not about luck, it's a proven formula that any person can follow.

If you're committed to putting in the work, I'd like to add your name to that list of success stories above.

It's not rocket science, you can do this too.

To your First Sweetest Withdrawal!

Frequently Asked Questions With Honest Answer

“I’m Interested! What Exactly Will I Receive When I Become A PTFTMC Member Today?”

What is Part-Time Forex Trading Masterclass? Why should I take that course? I don’t have experience, will this course help?

Pano yan Mike-san, I am not techie and I am afraid baka hindi ko maintindihan un mga lesssons.. Pwede padin ba ko dyan?

The program sounds great, but I simply don’t have time to listen to hours and hours of videos. I’m not sure I’d be able to invest time in this program.

Pwede ko bang I-consume yung training gamit Mobile phone ko lang?

Pano yan nasa probinsya o abroad ako, di ako makakaattend sa dates na nasabi mo sa page?

I know that the Part-Time Forex Trading Masterclass works well. But my biggest obstacle is lack of motivation and dedication. Is this coaching program for me?

Ok. I know this program will help me a lot but hindi ba it is too expensive?

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