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Hey there, I'm Mike and I help, inspire and motivate fellow corporate employees to gain additional set of skills that could eventually help them generate a 2nd source of income while keeping the 8-5 day grind.

Just like you, I am also a corporate slave trading time for money since 2009 with No Savings, No Extra Money, lots of Debts and the worst is, I have NO ENOUGH time for my family because I need to spend most of time (even weekends) in the office, extending hours and going home late.

I was raised and born from a poor family from a parents who work as hard as they could just to provide for us. I was the only child to finished a Bachelors Degree in Engineering (major in Electronics and Communication). Luckily, my parents boss helps and support me to finished my study.

Moving forward, I was lucky enough to find a job just after I finished my OJT, and I took the leaped to immediately help my parents. I was thrilled because I am finally a professional earning money.

But after 6 years of being an employee, I been into 2 different companies already seeking for better work environment, a higher position and I got that on my 3rd company which is my current as of this time of writing. I have travel 3 different countries already all-expense paid by my company (work need actually).

But still, I feel become restless,

Every morning, I have to drag my feet to eat, get dressed, and rush to work.

Every afternoon, I am constantly looking at the clock, hoping its 5PM so I can go home and rest.

Every day my daughter’s ask me, “daddy, can we play today?” Do you have work today? Can you stay at home so you can fetch us from school?”

How hard it is to answer and the feeling and emotion are almost breaking my heart?

But I have to continue working for them, and hoping to make life better,

I felt the corporate world, with all its stresses and so-called opportunities,

I figured a higher salary will make me happy.

But I was wrong. I was dead wrong.

And the struggles continues when;

I became "Jobless" for about 6 months.

Back in 2014, my family and I struggle financially for almost 6 months, leaving almost no money for us to survive in our daily needs.

Back then, we are leaving on our own, but since we struggle hard financially, we decided to move back to my parents house since we no longer capable of paying the monthly rent of our apartment.

I was a burden for my parents because it took me about 6 months to get another job. Back then, my 1st child is 3 years old and my youngest turning 1 year old.

Although they don't even understand yet our situation, but it breaks my heart everytime I will remember those days that I cannot provide the things that they really need at their very young age.

My wife was forced to study how to "sew" a school uniform just to at least earn a little extra to help my daughters need.

I saw and feel my wife struggle, I feel very frustrated, stressed because it is not the life that I want for her. In the early years of being together she already suffer and experience the test of life which we don't really expect to happen.

But I was very thankful for my parents, my sisters and especially to my wife who already have an option to leave me during those times. She never failed me, she was very supportive and always telling me to hang on. "malalampasan din natin to"!

I have no choice but to accept the reality and keep pushing hard to get a job as quick as possible.

And in the same year of September 2014, our prayers has been answer.
I got a job as a Manufacturing Engineer in a Private Company till today.

For 6 months, I have nothing else to do because I don't have any other skills, I don't have any ideas about business. I do not know where I should start.

And that's when my journey started. I have promised to myself that those 6 months of struggle will never ever happen again.

I started acquiring and developing another skills that help me generate additional income while keeping my 8-5 day job till today.

I have realized and discover a lot of opportunities when I read the book "RICH DAD POOR DAD" by Robert Kiyosaki.

I was fortunate enough to give a chance to travel on different countries such as Japan, Hongkong and China that gives me a way different perspective to really pushed hard and achieve success.

And that's when I started gaining skills in Investing and Trading, (Stock Market Investing/Trading and FOREX Trading) and last year 2018 (September), I am also starting to build my own Digital Business.

2016 was the start of more blessing and starting to align in our favor. We are slowly building our financial confidence without even worrying what would happen if I lost a job again.

In the beginning I had no real tech skills... , I had no budget, I don't know where should I start.

Resourcefulness has been the #1 key to success...

I am have no business and finance or economic background... I just had a burning desire to learn a new high income skills that would later on create a lifestyle business based on a passion I love.

The path was long and challenging and I could never find anyone trustworthy to help...

So I did my own study and learn as much as I could.. along the way I learned the right skills and have a deep understanding of what works and what doesn't.

And this was the goal of my website, to share my 5+ years of experience to those aspiring corporate employees who wants to generate a side income without leaving their office job and gain a new knowledge.

I am here to personally motivate you to push forward and gain a new knowledge that yourself will later thank you for.

There are a very few number of resources I do recommend which you can find in this website.

I am not a financial expert or a professional to tell you what's wrong or not. I am just here to share my expertise based from own personal experience. Please be reminded that all of the content, course, resources or product and services here in my website is for general information purpose only.

However, before you access any of the content here, PLEASE DO READ FIRST all related DISCLOSURE. DISCLAIMER and PRIVACY POLICY.

Enjoy... And leave me a comment on a blog post if you have any questions about them.

I'm happy to help clarify when needed.


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