June 25

Continuous Learning and Investing in Yourself


Continuous learning is the smartest and safest investment you should make today within yourself, what I mean is “investing in your mind”.

The great thing is no one can take away what you’ve learned. They can take your home, take your business and take all your profits away, but you’ll just get them again because they can’t take away KNOWLEDGE!

By continuous learning and investing in yourself, you’ll have the power to increase the level of confidence when it comes to achieving anything you want for your life or in your business.

The more knowledge you have, the more confident you are to strongly face those obstacles, hurdles that may come on your journey.

And when it comes to establishing your trading business or trading career, it really requires a continuous learning process, and you must adopt the changing market environment.

Your business  strategy or trading system may work out forever but you still need to develop your skills consistently particularly those trading psychology.

“If you increase your knowledge, you’ll increase also your value that eventually can boost your self esteem and confidence.”

Trading strategy that works are easy to develop, you can learn, adopt and copy other concept and system, but the hard fact is, no one can copy the way a traders decision and how he/she manage his trade. This is because of psychological reasons, how discipline a trader is.

Your number 1 enemy is yourself and the best weapon to defeat is by increasing your knowledge and develop a consistent positive trading habits that can help you in the long run.

Those positive habits if apply could be a powerful weapon to build your trading confidence and will avoid emotional decision making when it comes to trading.

That is why continuous learning and investing in your knowledge would largely benefit you from the long run.

So if you are just starting out, you’ll have to ready yourself and enjoy the process of learning along the way until it becomes your positive habits

Personally, I actually have a post on the cork board near my small trading office to remind me of below statement:

HABITS will always corresponds to a RESULT

This statement always reminds and motivates me to move forward and increase my knowledge everyday, it drives me to be on track to develop a positive and successful habits.

In real life, those habits could determine your result whether on your business, personal and career success.

If you have a habit of saving 10% of your monthly income and invest it regularly, you’re developing your way to be financially free.

And If you have a habit of reading helpful articles every day even about 30mins, you’ll eventually increase your knowledge.

In Trading, if you have a habit of regularly reading and reviewing your trading performance, trading setup and result, you’ll probably can develop awareness and psychological improvement on your mind to remind you not to repeat those poor performance and instead focus only those that make and generate you a profit.

Do you know the song?


It simply reminds me that habits are hard and really difficult to break, which is true.

Look at those smokers, they cannot resist smoking for a day, they will find ways and time just to make their habit fulfill and if they cannot smoke, they almost feel sick. I am not a smoker but I do have a lot of friends who keeps telling me, brother, it is hard to resist.

Same goes with TRADING, if you develop a positive habits, it will carry you thru and drive you to the positive trading result that anyone cannot get it from you and build your trading confidence in the long run.

Those positive habits will result a positive trading result that if consistently apply you’ll on your way to be a profitable trader. Whereas if you develop a negative trading habits, what would you except your result to be?

You are not far from a smoker who cannot resist smoking which is really bad for them, even if they know how bad it is, they still keep on smoking. Same with trading, even if you understand the consequence of that negative action, you are still doing it,



Because it becomes your habit that is really hard and difficult to break due to some psychological aspect and lack of the ability to control your emotions.

If you are not willing to increase your knowledge and keep repeating those negative trading habits, you’ll end up with the same result as if you are a new trader.

After several years of trading, you are still not profitable, it is not the strategy that doesn’t work, and it is not the market who fails you but your ability to adopt the changing market environment and your ability to resist the constant negative temptation that the market is offering.

Whereas you can solve this by increasing your knowledge and consistently learning especially from your trading mistakes.

Now, if you are an employee who works after several years now and yet at the same situation of your life who barely ends meet. It is not the company or your boss who controls your life, it is you who will drive your future. If you want to be a corporate slave forever, just keep the habits that you are in right now.

But if you want to really change your life right now, it will all start by investing in yourself first until you figure out what do you really want in life. Learning never stops in school after we have graduated, it is just actually the start.

“Trust and Embrace Your Learning Process”

Don’t focus on just being you, but instead keep improving and learning, that’s what I did several years ago when I started my Trading business. I never knew that I am good at it, I just enjoy the learning process.

I just develop a learning habit and eliminated those bad ones that keeps me away from the real journey of being successful.

I already figure out that I don’t want to be a corporate slave forever, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life wasting my precious time and body just to make my employer rich.

Strive hard to learn other things aside from my profession or expertise, and this is through Trading and Investing who I can still manage while keeping my day job right now and starting building my wealth. I already have a clear vision about how I am gonna be 5 years, 10 years from now being a Trader and Investor plus a Business owner.

Now its your turn workmate, give yourself a second or a minute to assess your current situation right now after you read this article.

What are your habits right now? Does it keep and help you move forward? or Does it seems to be your comfort zone? Is your mind and body ready to accept new challenges.


Increase your knowledge first and do it continuously until it becomes your habit and your result will eventually follow.

I hope I inspire you with today’s blog post. Looking forward to hear your thoughts also. Thank’s for dropping by, Wish You more success in life..


Inspiring You,


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  1. I really love this post. It’s inspiring because continuous learning and development does boost my self confidence. I have found that many people are jealous of one’s achievements, knowledge and experiences. But for me, this helps me know that those type of opinions are not worthy of my attention Because I know what I am able to achieve when I put my mind to it. It’s how I overcome negativity from others. It takes a special person or leader to value someone who continuously tries to develop themselves and improve their knowledge. Thanks for the post.

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