About Us

Mission: To inspire, motivate and share my knowledge and experience to my fellow corporate employee to start acquiring another income generating skills that will later help them to earn additional income at the comforts of their home and while still having an 8-5 day job which help them to finally start achieving financial confidence.

Vision: To help 1,000 corporate employee earn a side income while still having an 8-5 day job by giving them step-by-step guidance, mentoring, right tools and the right information to successfully start gaining knowledge that will help them in building their own real side business.

Mike Perlas

Corporate Engineer / Forex Trader / Stock Market Investor / Author / Entrepreneur

About The Founder

Mike Perlas´╗┐´╗┐ is the founder of www.mikeperlas.com. He is an Engineer from a private manufacturing company. He is a Part-Time Forex Trader, a Stock Market Investor/Trader, an author, blogger, and an entrepreneur.

His journey started in 2014, when he became jobless. His family struggle financially for almost 6 months, leaving almost no money for them to survive in their daily needs. Her wife was forced to study how to "sew" a school uniform just to at least earn a little extra to help their daughters need. He was a burden from his parents and siblings, but he has no choice but to accept the reality. Remembering those days was a nightmare for him.

For 6 months, he has nothing else to do because he don't have any other skills, He don't have any ideas about business.  He don't know how he could start. He is clueless.

And right after he get a job at that same year, that's when he decided to earn money on the side. He started acquiring and developing another skills that help him generate additional income while keeping my 8-5 day job till today. He found his passion in trading both Forex and Stocks which leads him to a lot of opportunity to grow his money and slowly building his family's financial confidence. He is now also on the journey on establishing his own online business funded by his earnings from trading and investing.

He is now helping and inspiring his fellow employees to also acquire their income generating skills that will help them earn money on the side while still being an employee.

He wants to share his journey and inspire others, that even a typical employee can do succeed and create his own wealth too even if they don't have a background or zero knowledge about investing, trading and online business. All they need is to start taking action. He now believes that there is a limitless opportunities outside the cubicle world.